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Find out about the latest innovations and breakthroughs that are currently taking place within the Bioeconomy sectors.

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Published on Jun 12, 2024
The inaugural Cape Agritech Connect on 21 May 2024 brought together over a hundred attendees representing the diverse sectors within the Western Cape agriculture industry. Set against the picturesque…
Published on May 28, 2024
South Africa's investment in advancing nuclear medicine research to address critical health challenges, including various cancers and TB, has been boosted with the official opening of Nuclear Medicine…
Published on May 08, 2024
A pioneering solution has been developed to convert cellulose fibre-rich waste from pulp and paper mill operations into ethanol using a specialised fermentation process. Ethanol is a versatile startin…
Published on Feb 20, 2024
The Cheeba Cannabis Academy has unveiled an innovative scholarship initiative in collaboration with the German cannabis accessories brand GIZEH. This newly introduced scholarship programme offers thre…

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