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Media Insights for Scientists and Scientific Researchers


The Imidibaniso Exchange Workshop, previously known as the Imidibaniso Bootcamp, is an in-person annual one-day media and communications workshop for scientists. It offers a fun, interactive and enriching snapshot of best practice creative communications insights that scientists can consider in their public engagement plans for your research projects. 

During the workshop, you will get access to:

  • A crash course on various forms of media and communication that are available to you to share your research with the world. 
  • A range of talks and inputs from media and communications experts.
  • A range of interactive exercises that will help you to become a better communicator.
  • Insights into the strategies and methods used by some of the best communicators out there. 
  • Tips and tools on how to use social media in effective ways.
  • Strategies to find the right collaborators and partners to help you communicate the importance of your research.
  • An introduction to a couple of key theoretical and practical concepts that can guide you in your thinking about how media matters to science.
  • Other scientists who are also exploring ways to share their findings with the public. 

This workshop is intended for scientists, of all fields, from the data-crunching demographers and epidemiologists to those who like to spend weeks in the wilderness searching under plants to find frogs to measure. You should not have to take on a second career training as a media professional in order to be a good, publicly engaged scientist. But, if you do want to try and connect your findings with a bigger audience (including policy makers and funders, ahem!) it is worth experimenting with various media channels and communications tools. We are here to offer a little bit of advice on quick, easy and fun ways to use them. 

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