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Bioeconomy SA Portal
Bioeconomy SA Portal

What is Bioeconomy SA?

Bioeconomy SA is a national initiative to promote and harness bio-innovation for economic growth and social development. It is informed by the National Bioeconomy Strategy, underpinned by advanced science and indigenous knowledge and focuses on the health, agricultural, industrial & environmental, and indigenous knowledge sectors. It is coordinated by the Department of Science and Innovation and powered by a wide range of public-private partnerships and investments.


Find health solutions that are relevant to South Africans. 

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Invest in bio-innovation products, processes and technology services to ensure food security and sustainable livelihoods. 

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Industry & Environment

Use bio-based processes and renewable biomass to manufacture bioproducts and enable a circular economy. 

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Indigenous Knowledge

Indigenous knowledge systems cut across the three other sectors and translate traditional bio-based knowledge into products and services. 

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